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About Unitech Poultry Cages

About its inception After the incorporation of Unitech Poultry Consultants (P) Ltd. This new Poultry Consultancy company in its individual capacity was instrumental in providing assistance to a large number of poultry projects all over northern India, on turnkey basis. In certain other projects the assistance was limited to supplying detailed computerized project reports and architectural plans etc.

In the course of the turnkey assistance an opportunity was sighted in the form of offers to supply new poultry cages and other allied poultry equipments to the poultry units being assisted by Unitech Poultry Consultants (P) Ltd.

To cater to this need of new poultry cages a new firm "Unitech Poultry Cages" was formed. It had access to the best quality raw material as all the sources of raw material were known to the consultancy sister concern.

Nature of Activity :

After about 4-5 years it so happened that the farms which had been established nearer to the main city had started appreciating in value and the land prices went up in leaps and bounds.

This created another opportunity for our clients and also for us to relocate the earlier units about 5-10 Kms away from their earlier locations and sell the sites/ buildings nearer to the cities either as factories or as godowns.

At certain times where the roof material used was asbestos sheets the entire shed would be dismantled and the building material was re-used, cages were dismantled and reused. The land was sold at very high prices in parts.

Due to this development a scope for another industry developed that was sale of second hand poultry cages. The poultry cages in itself are made of hot dipped GI welded wiremesh and as such it has a long life. The appearance of the new cages after six months is as old as a cage which is 4-5 years old, once the droppings of the bird are spread on the wiremesh. Hence it was found that a second hand cage although available at a low price was as good as a new cage. More and more poultry farmers started approaching us with the demand for second hand poultry cages.

Unitech Poultry cages started stocking of old Poultry cages by buying them in bulk from bigger farms of 50-60,000 birds and started selling them in retail i.e. in lots of 10-15000 birdsí cages.

Just like cages were being relocated the roof material where ever it was asbestos sheets was relocated. However in case of lintel sheds it was found that the sheds could not be dismantled and they had to be used as such. Such farms did not command a high price in spite of the land having been appreciated to a very great extent since these sheds could only have a commercial or an industrial use. The appreciated land could not be used as a farm house or a residential house till the sheds were demolished.

Demolishment of these sheds would entail a loss, hence the full benefit of appreciation of land prices could not be achieved by those people who had used lintel sheds nearer to the cities .

It was at this point of time that the development of roof material in Pre-fabricated form was initiated. This was done about 7-8 years back and the idea has found acceptance in the market.

The people who went for these units have been lucky to be able to dismantle their roofs and relocate their units, when required.

It was found as a very good way by the long term investors to buy 5-10 acres of land and to retain it for 4-5 years by building Cage System Poultry Units with Pre-fabricated technology which was dismantled totally, including the shed, and relocated. The land was sold at high prices once the required appreciation was achieved.

Unitech Poultry Cages also started stocking of dismantled roof material, i.e. that is buying it again from big poultry units who wanted to sell their appreciated land. This again meant buying in wholesale and selling in retail.

Present Product range :

Unitech Poultry Cages in this manner deals in :

· New poultry cages, · Sale/ Purchase of second hand poultry cages, · Supply of poultry related equipment , · Supply new pre-fabricated roof material and · Sale/ purchase of second hand pre-fabricated roof material.

Why A Representative is required

As our manufacturing facilities and godown is near Chandigarh it means a lot of transportation charges whenever the new/ second hand bulky cages or heavy concrete roof material has to be transported over long distances.

Assistance and support available from Unitech Poultry Cages : As in our other companies it has been decided to provide the necessary knowhow and information to start and run manufacturing facilities for poultry cages and pre-fabricated roof materials. The proposed Associates shall also be assisted in procuring second hand poultry cages and roof materials from their area. Further assistance shall also be provided at the time of procuring orders from poultry farmers.

What are we looking for :

For this purpose we are seeking individuals and firms to work with our active support as our Associates although they may not be experienced in this line of activity as the necessary knowhow and manpower can be arranged by us.

Investment & infrastructure required : A hired open space with a shed in some village near a city is all that is required along with an ability to invest a sum of Rs. Two lacs, in the first phase. In the second phase Assistance shall be provided to raise loans from banks as an SSI manufacturing unit without any substantial further investment.

For those who are interested and capable but are short of immediately available cash for investment a package can be worked out as per which they can start with second hand Brooding/ Growing poultry cages for chicks which require a little investment to start with. The Brooding/ Growing cages are in demand with Layer Farmers and they are also used by modern Broiler farmers as starter/ finisher cages. The investment in this case can be Rs. One Lac.

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