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Long back it was necessary for a successful businessman to have a Telex no. A few years back the necessity changed to a Fax no.

Now it is the time for all Successful businessman to have an "Email address" and their "Company's Page on the Internet" with uptodate & current information. If you donot have these till now then we offer our QUICK services for the same.

Your Company’s Webpage on the Internet enhances your status and also expands your business by getting new parties who contact you themselves.

It is also a big saving on the old & TIME CONSUMING ways when one kept on sending by post costly brochures / catalogues and price lists to thousands of one’s new / existing overseas buyers telling them about new designs/ rates etc. Now these details (including photographs & prices etc.) can be made available, IMMEDIATELY, to your buyers, at all times, 24 hours a day, all the year round, on Internet . Your Webpage can be seen by more than 60 million people in 150 countries from all over the world.

Imagine the response from unexpected places from all corners of the world, which no postal campaigns can match.

If you have computers then good, otherwise you donot need computers to put up your Company’s page on Internet. Your Buyers need the computers and it is a common thing nowadays.

We do all the difficult work for you & make it very easy & QUICK for you. We will show you how easily you can get your page on the Internet, with our assistance, without moving out of your office.

All you have to do is.... Send to us by courier/ fax /email a copy of the "introductory letter" which your company normaly writes to the new parties containing details about your company and its products.

Web Page Designing

At A Very Low Cost

Email address

FREE Web Hosting

You will be able to use these addresses, IMMEDIATELY, on your letterheads, visiting cards and export documentation. Your customers will also be able to see your page immediately on the Internet.

Do not lose any more time. Get in touch with us. Email us NOW! and get your company’s web page on the Internet within 24 hours.

By advertising on internet one can be in the eyes of millions all over the world and being in line with the latest technology does not cost much.

UNITECH offers this opportunity to host your webpage FREE of cost


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