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(Carved Furniture Division)

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Background :

During the course of its usual takeovers the parent company Unitech Business Consultants came across certain carving units in the carving belt of UP i.e. the surrounding area of Saharanpur. These were again found to be a good investment as the demand for antique designed carved furniture was growing day by day due to the growth in size of the middle class.

The disposable income in the hands of middle class today is much more than what it was even 5-10 years back.

The exports of this commodity on the other hand had always been increasing in the international market.

Marketing Strategy of Unitech Exports

In the beginning After taking over the carving unit, the avenues for marketing available for the carved furniture produced by this separate company named Unitech Exports were then identified as showroom owners and furniture shops together with exporters dealing in wholesale exports of furniture .

This was decided as the marketing strategy at that point of time as Unitech Exports could not undertake direct selling of its carved furniture. It will be appreciated that we have never ventured into an untried area till we were sure of its success.

Things have been growing on at an appreciable pace and more and more carved products were added into our manufacturing fold. The contacts were developed with the artisans who produced the smaller components and were always short of money.

It has been our prime policy to always purchase all the raw material inputs in cash so that the cost of production can be kept as low as possible. It is not possible to produce the whole range of carved furniture, economically, in one workshop. One beautiful item may be a combination of various pieces which may have been made in as many as 5 different workshops.

With our experience it has been possible for us to identify where it is better for us to provide our raw material and get the carving done from a particular carver or whether it is convenient and cheaper for us to produce the item on our own within our own fold.

When it comes to finishing our produce we procure the upholstery cloth etc. from a sister concern of ours M/s B.S Furnishings (P) Ltd at Chandigarh who have agencies from renowned companies like Shamken, National and Bhor etc. We are thus able to get upholstery material at dealer prices. At this point of time a new house of the promoter Mrs. Charanjit Sawhney was furnished with our own carved furniture and it was found, that although it was never planned that way, many customers ordered an item just after seeing the same being used and displayed nicely in our place.

For people in other places, at times, we had to request our old customers to show their carved furniture to our new customers so that they could see the furniture in its actual place. A sofa looks good in a Drawing Room and the best place for a dining table is in the Dining Room and not on the very costly shop floor. Although the old customers never refused and they rather felt house proud while showing off their beautiful carved pieces, still the decency demanded a restraint on our part.

Then it was decided that why not reward our customers with the share of our profits from orders that will be received on either their recommendation or which had matured after a piece had been ordered after visiting their place.

What are we looking for

We are looking for individuals who want to earn money by sitting at their own home. Their houses shall be decorated, in part or full, depending upon the amount available for investment, with the best possible carved furniture and once the customer likes a piece all the further hassles are taken over by us i.e. manufacture and supply and the proposed associate shall get at least 10-15 % on the list price just by offering to show his/ her furniture which he or she is using also.

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