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Background :

In the course of its normal business, the parent company Unitech Business Consultants had access to proposals available for takeover which had potential for appreciation and were available at lower prices because of the need of the sellers to sell immediately or at certain times the sellers required money immediately.

Such properties were taken over with or without help from the parent company. The firm was named M/s Sussex Agro Industries as primarily the units were either industrial or agro-based.

Nature of Activity :

The company today owns properties which have potential for growth on main roads and where rental or lease income is also available to the company.

The shares of this and similar companies are also offered to our clients. The shares of these properties worth crores of rupees are also offered to the small investors in the form of investment partnership so that they can also reap the benefits of appreciation in bigger projects, on a proportional basis even when the investment made by them is small.

These shares are a sale-able commodity in themselves as they are actual ownerships.

What are we looking for :

We are looking for long and middle term investors who can associate with us in taking over commercial and industrial business units which are potentially sound business investments, on a regular basis.

Investment required :

The investments required in such proposals are huge hence even if pooled funds of various investors are clubbed together, the minimum investment required from an individual investor will be in the range of 5 to 10 lacs.

Those interested may contact at the following address.

Contact Person:

Inderjit Singh Sawhney

# 329, Kirpalta Bldg.
Sector 44 - A


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